Attention High-Performing Professionals: Putting off your self-care practice is NOT going to help you be successful but THIS will…

Self-Care Strategies for Entrepreneurs, Teachers & High-Performing Business Professionals Who Want to Shift From Overwhelemd to Overjoyed!

Stop wishing you had a self-care routine that works for you and make the mental, physical, and spiritual shifts you need to achieve results from today! It’s easier than you think…

Hey there High-Performer!

It’s true: When you’re distracted and overworked, building a regular self-care routine into your life can feel like an unattainable, never-gonna-happen kinda dream.

Don’t get me wrong. I know you’ve set out to “take care of yourself better” many times–by eating healthier, snapping up the snazzy gym membership, and taking the every-so-often afternoon off to unplug.

Yet every single time you seem to fall back into your same old (bad) habits.

Eventually, you stop going to the gym (who has time?), start scarfing down pre-made lunches (and maybe even dinners)at your desk and soon enough, you’re bloated, out of shape and just plain tired.

The bad news? Spending way too many hours on work – and not enough on your personal life and self-care – is the fast-track to burnout.

If you’re saying stuff like…

“I’ll just have waffles and syrup for breakfast. No time for anything healthy.”

“OMG, I’m so tired. Is it lunchtime yet?”

“I deserve a treat. I’ll start my smoothies again tomorrow.”

You know you’re in the danger zone.

But listen: You’re NOT alone.

It’s easy for health to take a seemingly permanent back seat as you work extra hard (and extra hours) to climb the career ladder.

It’s Hard Enough to Grow a Thriving Business–but Even Harder When You Don’t Have the Energy to Get Out Of Bed!

The good news? There IS a way to get back on track and achieve the stress-free, joy-filled, expansive-feeling business and lifestyle you’ve been dreaming about.

You just need to take active steps to change your self-care habits.

But before we go there, let’s get one thing straight:

It’s Not the Amount of Work We Do that Causes Burnout!

For many, it’s not the workload that makes us fall off the health wagon. Instead, it’s the feelings we have around our work – like the overwhelming feeling that you’re never off duty; the harrowing guilt that comes up when you try to step away from work, and the never-ending pressure to achieve and succeed – which becomes overwhelming and stressful.

Which means we can’t simply reduce our workload or start saying no to more clients (although those are nice first steps).

Instead, we actually have to take the focus off work altogether and seriously start making ourselves – our physical, emotional and spiritual selves – a serious priority.

Listen: If you want to truly care for your mind, body, and spirit and feel the real benefits of a healthy, well-rested body and a mind sparkling with creativity and joy…

…There IS a solution.


Now Back to You! Self-Care Masterclass

In this six-module self-guided course — complete with an Action Plan you can implement at the end of each module and exercise worksheet to help you define your own self-care plan – I’m going to show you how you can finally…

✓  Start taking care of ALL of you: mind, body and spirit, so you can transform your life and business/career (and feel happier and more successful, too)

  Create a strong and healthy body, so you have the much-needed energy and stamina to grow a thriving business/career

  Nurture your emotional well-being and safeguard against emotional burnout by setting firm boundaries (finally!)

  Make REAL time for the things you want and the people and activities that are important to you

Sounds good to you? Here’s a glimpse of what you can expect to learn in this 6 module, self-paced course…

Module 1:
Self-Care: The Secret to Sanity & Success

For many busy professionals, the risk of burnout is real – and it’s not surprising when you consider all the things we have to do on a daily basis. This module is designed to help you see what is truly possible if you start to nurture the WHOLE you on the mental, physical and spiritual levels.

In module 1, we’re going to cover:

  Why self-care keeps slipping from your grasp (and how to stop the slide)—so you can break your old habits for good and build a sustainable self-care routine.

  7 signs of burnout you need to take seriously— and what to do about them

  6 signs of stress— and how to permanently defuse it

  What to do when success keeps slipping from your fingers— and ways to make yourself accountable for the daily actions you take

 Why you’re stuck in distraction (and how to get out)— because #truthbomb: ditching those time drains will free you up to do the things you love

 How to get back on track and claim the life you dream about— it’s time to look forward to the life you genuinely want, strip out anything that’s no longer working for you

Module 2:
Healthy Habits Bring Healthy Revenue

It’s easy for health to take a back seat as you work to grow your business/career. Module 2 is all about making easy tweaks to your routine to ditch your destructive habits (ahem, keeping the fridge stocked with frozen pizzas…) and set up new habits that’ll keep you healthy.

In module 2, we’ll cover…

  The dangerous health habits common to high-performing professionals and how to spot them so you can kick them to the curb today!

The real reason why making time to be healthy never seems to work— and the simple hacks and strategies you can use to fix this

 What to do when you don’t even have the energy to get out of bed in the morning— so you can stop reacting emotionally to what’s bothering you and reframe any negative self-talk

 How to identify your energy drains and deal with a chronic illness, so you can acknowledge your limitations without beating yourself up for them

 6 tips and tricks for fitting self-care painlessly back into your everyday life— easy to adopt rituals and habits to help stop destructive practices and strengthen the well-being of your life and business.

Module 3: 
Build Better Bonds with Boundaries 

Most high performaare, by their very nature, people pleasers and rescuers. Unfortunately, sometimes this backfires and leads us to make poor business decisions. That’s why Module 3 is all about setting boundaries – with others and yourself – so you don’t become an emotional wreck and take on everyone else's issues or get stuck with soul-sucking clients.

In module 3 we’ll cover…

 6 “emotional well-being” deal breakers–including what they are and how to handle them (We’ll be looking at the specific traits that signal a destructive client, so you know to say no before you ever say yes)

  6 surefire warning signs you may be running into a client from hell— including what to do when your client-to-be is both needy and nice

  5 painless ways to ditch the energy vampires and complainers— it may be the kindest thing you do for both of you!

 Why neglecting your boundaries has a direct effect on business decisions— and how to successfully change this nasty habit

 How to be proactive in handling negative people and situations— and what you can do to help prevent it from happening

 How to create your Emotional Well-being Profile— and use it to strengthen your boundaries naturally and painlessly.

Module 4: 
Fill Your Well First…Or Drown

It’s true: Your soul and spirit need love, too. This module is all about "filling the well" as Julia Cameron calls it in "The Artists' Way,” and will help you learn how to revive your creative juju while making time for the things that motivate and nurture your soul most. From nature to music to brunching with friends, you’ll be surprised how big an impact allowing your spirit to have a little fun can have on your business.

In module 4, we’ll cover…

  10 ways to get over your own negative perceptions and insecurities— and how to start truly, deeply loving yourself!

 5 must-take steps necessary to make any major lifestyle change— including what you should make time for, why you don’t and how to change that, for good!

  How to create your own Emotional Well-being Profile—and finally figure out what’s essential for YOU to maintain confidence, good health, and true happiness

  How to infuse “lost passions” back into your life–and safeguard yourself against reactivity and burnout!

Why “refilling the well” Is essential–and how to do it even when you feel like yours has totally run dry, so you can make massive shifts toward renewal and creative rebirth.

Module 5:
Eliminate What You Hate to Elevate

How much time are you spending on tasks (and people) that don't feed your soul and bring you happiness? I get it: We all have that one friend who stresses us out, or that one client who pushes all the wrong buttons. Add to that the chores we dread, and it's a recipe for unhappiness, frustration and a serious lack of motivation. But it doesn’t have to be!

In module 5 we’ll cover…

   How to decide what work (and chores) to switch, ditch or delegate–so you can eliminate the work you dread from your daily to-dos, for real.

   The #1 “bad” habit that’s stopping you from getting things done and reaching your full potential–and how to break it.

   Setting strong boundaries with clients, family, and friends so you stop feeling used and overworked–and how to deal with guilt about sticking up for yourself.

   How to identify toxic client and personal relationships–plus when and how to rid yourself of them.

   Limiting your exposure to energy vampires–and what to do about those not-so-awesome relationships you “have” to keep.

Module 6:
Manifest More with Meditation & Mindfulness

In this webinar, we’re going to focus on mindfulness and meditation benefits specific to entrepreneurs and high-performing professionals. Even if you’re not the sort of person who buys into meditation or thinks you don’t need to be any more mindful, stick with me and I’ll show you how to turn these specific self-care tactics to your advantage.

In module 6, we’ll cover…

   How to reduce your stress levels — and how it improves your ability to juggle a growing business, a team, a family, and all your other responsibilities.

   5 Types of Meditation— and how to choose the one that best fits your lifestyle!

  How to control your monkey mind & be more productive monkeys are so cute and fun, but a cloudy mind isn't!

   Improve your ability to concentrate—and your memory for better work performance.

   Develop a Healthier & Happier Mind—and banish burnout for good!

Engage in Positive Self-Care for Your Mind, Body and Soul and Watch Your Life and Business Transform!

Listen: I get it. The overwhelming pressure to achieve and succeed in your business has taken center stage and now it feels like there’s no time to take care of the REAL star of the show: YOU.

You’re stressed and depleted, not to mention frustrated that you’re not as successful as you know you could be…if only you had the energy, the joie de vivre, the spark.

But the reality is you CAN change all of this. And it starts by nurturing your mind, body, and spirit, so you can finally have the energy, creativity and unadulterated joy to run a thriving business (and, you know, love your life, too).

Just imagine being able to…

 Get rid of past self-sabotaging habits that drain your energy (even if you’ve tried before and couldn’t shake them)

  Put a real, practical self-care routine into practice (and finally understand why it’s so hard to stick to one in the first place–so you never “fall off” again!)

  Uncover strategies and tips for making self-care feel guilt-free

  Set yourself up for a rich and fulfilling life and business where your needs are met (and so are the needs of your clients and customers!)

 Be the successful, shining entrepreneur or businesswoman you’ve always wanted to be!

Whatever your physical, emotional, and spiritual goals are, it’s all possible when you take this first step.

In the end, we can talk about spiritual, physical and emotional renewal till the cows come home. But ultimately? You’re the one who needs to take the next small but all-important step toward renewal and creative rebirth.

Are you ready to take action?

Now Back to You!

P.S. You will have lifetime access to this course and it is backed by my 30-day money back guarantee. If you feel it does not help you in any way to build a better, more satisfying life & business, simply email me for a fast, courteous refund.

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Work-Life Performance Expert and certified Life & Relationship Coach , CC Sutton, is the go-to leader for Fortune 100 companies with a well-earned reputation for creating solutions for common work-life balance challenges. 

After several years of feeling overwhelmed, overworked and over it all, CC decided to make a drastic career move that ignited her self-care journey and transformed her quality of life.

In her toolbox of humor and relatable life experiences, CC pulls out simple solutions to help professionals take back control of their time, energy and productivity. At the end of her sessions, attendees walk away excited, equipped and ready to execute!

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